le Cézallier, une vaste étendue d’estives sur un plateau volcanique

entre la chaine des Puys de dôme et des Monts Cantaliens

Engagements Qualité

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    Engagements Qualité tourisme

    Commitments tourism Quality

    Per hour when new destinations emergent, where the customer passes from consumer to “consomm' actor” by comparing the offers before choosing enormously his destination or his stay, it is essential all to implement to propose to the visitors of the Country dolois information and a constant reception of quality. The tourist office consequently must be the figurehead and show about it the way with the whole of the professionals of tourism of the destination, the latter also being able to become, longer-term, a “destination reference quality” for the customers.

    Through the Plan Tourism Quality, impelled by the secretariat of state to tourism, the approach of the tourist office of Cézallier wants to be participative by setting up a variation of good practices, good sense, rigor which will make it possible to systematize all the repetitive tasks and to avoid to the maximum the overcosts and the nuisances which generate to it “not quality”.

    Les 4 objectifs de l’office de tourisme du Cézallier sont les suivants :

    The 4 objectives of the tourist office of Cézallier are the following:

       • To improve the services towards the visitors
       • To improve the internal organization of the OT
       • To improve the internal communication
       • To improve the communication towards the socio-professional partners, the institutional ones, the elected officials of the territory and the local population.

    These 4 objectives guide the whole of the reflection and with this intention the structure obtains tools allowing the implementation of these objectives: regular investigations consumers, the composition of a working group widened room quality, instrument panels, book of incidents, cards of instructions and procedures, indicators of performances, software.

    A referent “quality” indicated in-house with the tourist office ensures the follow-up and the placement of the tools which will make it possible to reach the set objectives.
    He is the “facilitator” to implement the objectives assigned by the direction as well as daily as on the long run.



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