le Cézallier, une vaste étendue d’estives sur un plateau volcanique

entre la chaine des Puys de dôme et des Monts Cantaliens

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    Imagine a country of big spaces delivering its unlimited, wild and naked horizons ad infinitum. Come to traverse these vast plates on a ground which knew the volcanic upheavals, to feel the telluric capacity of it, with the impression to cross “a roof of the world”. A nature where essence appears in the harmony of the first elements: on the fire of the rocks, the ground has the richness of its pastures and its flora, allied with water so present, of the brooks to the mysterious peat bogs, to end up exhaling its major scents in the purity of the air and the call of the wind. A world open between sky and mountains, vibrating of a freedom close to drunk, with the example of the take-off of the raptors in the middle of what touches their kingdom…




    Altitude to be discovered like a rise, to adapt itself little by little, as did it the men who worked these mountain pastures by offering them in pasture to their herds, since prehistory until our days when one can admire the beautiful race of the Salers cows. But the life of this soil is hard, will burons testify to this close passed relation, when the manufacture of cheese by the shepherds was activated in summer, before snow and the splendid Chantillian winter take again their rights. It is a mountainlife of which there remains the gastronomy but also the cordial of its reception. It is good to stop in the villages of Cézallier where the values of user-friendliness knew to keep their authenticity!


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